• Struggling with consuming very large amounts of food?
• Do you feel out of control with food?
• Restricting food?
• Addicted to exercise?
• Do you “yo yo” diet?
• Do you have an intense fear of weight gain?
• Eating excessively at night?
• Body image consuming your thoughts and behaviors?
• Focused on body weight as a source of value?
• Addicted to sugar or other food substances?
• Are thoughts about food, weight, and body image ruling your life?
• Do you overeat and then make yourself purge so you do not gain weight?
• Do you feel alone and afraid?
• Has life become unmanageable?
• Do you want help? Do you want to get well?

You may be struggling with an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, emotional over-eating, binge eating disorder, food addiction or other disordered eating patterns. Eating disorders involve extremes in feelings, attitudes and behaviors associated with food and weight issues that can be life threatening.

Because no one’s difficulties occur in isolation, I also offer individual counseling to family members of clients in order to help them cope with their own fears and frustrations associated with eating disordered behaviors of their loved ones.

I approach eating disorder recovery from a very active directive perspective with 12-step foundational teachings. I see counseling as a journey toward wellness, and believe it is a process that simply begins with a willingness to be willing… Are you willing to get help, and do whatever it takes to get well?

Call or email me to discuss your counseling needs and how I can be of service to you and/or your family.